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Volcanoes are fascinating,awesome,beautiful and dangerous. Explore the Worlds volcanoes such as Kilauea, Mt St Helens, Vesuvius, New Zealands Taupo volcano zone, Montserrat and Iceland. Explore the Volcano Learning Zone for Volcano Term Glossary,Volcanic Hazards,Plate Tectonics and all the types of volcano and eruptions.Need the facts or got a question try the Volcano FAQ and Volcano Fact pages. If you want to see it for real look up trips and read travellogues in the Volcano travel pages. There are a lot of volcanoes to explore so strap on a back pack,pull on your boots and put on a hardhat. Happy exploring the world of volcanoes.

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North American volcanoes Click here

North Americas volcanoes include Mt St Helens, Yellowstone and Kilauea. The three main zones of volcanic activity are The Cascades,The Aleutian Islands are Hawaii. Yellowstone is a Supervolcano formed by the a hot spot or mantle plume and has not erupted for 600,000 years.

The volcanoes of Hawaii in the Pacific are formed by a hot spot .Kilauea on Hawaii is costantly active.
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Volcanoes around the world . Famous volcanic eruptins,volcanic geology,plate tectonics,volcano hikes. Hawaii volcanoes: Kilauea Mt ST Helens Mt St Helens

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Europe currently has active volcanoes in Italy,Greece,The Canaries and Iceland. Mt Etna, Stromboli, Vesuvius, Santorini and the infamous Eyjafjallajokull- the ash cloud volcano. are European Volcanoes.

The volcanoes of the Mediterranean are caused by the active margin between Southern Europe and Africa. The volcanoes of Iceland and the Canaries sit in the Atlantic Ocean and are caused by hot spots and volcanism caused by ocean floor spreading.
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European volcnaoes: Etna Italy, Eyjajallajokull Iceland, Vesuvius Italy Miunt Etna Sicily Eyjajallajokull Iceland 2010 eruption Vesuvius and Pompeii Italy eruption AD 79

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New Zealands volcanoes are located on North Island mostly within the Taupo Volcanic Zone. New Zealand is one of the most tectonically active countries in the world and sits astride the plate margin between the Australian plate and the Pacific plate.

The majority of North Islands active volcanoes are witin the Taupo Volcanic Zone. Rotorua, Ruapehu,Tarawera, Taupo and White Island lie witihin the Taupo Volcanic Zone.
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New Zealand volcanoes . Ruapehu, Tarawera, White Island Ruapehu volcano New Zealand Ruapehu volcano New Zealand White Island volcano New Zealand

Rest of World. Caribbean Volcanoes Click here

Soufriere Hills Eruption MVOVolcanic activity in the Caribbean has created some of the most beautiful paradise islands in the world.The Antilles Volcanic Island Arc has created an archipelogo of tropical islands.

As the North Atlantic plate has subducted benath the Caribbean plate magma has risen through the crust to puncture the plate above and create volcanic islands. Most of the eruptions would have been violent and included pyroclastic flows like from the Soufriere Hills on Montserrat in 1990s and from Mt Pelee in Martinique. in 1902

Montserrat More Caribbean volcanoes here
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What is a volcano? Click here

A volcano is an opening, known as a vent, through which molten rock, ash and gases are erupted onto the earths surface.Volcanoes can erupt onto land or beneath the sea.What is a volcano? Diagram of
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What is a stratovolcano?

Stratovolcanoes are steep sided volcanoes composed of layers of ash and lava. They can have explosive eruptions producing tall ash clouds and pyroclastic flows.
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Which is the worlds most active volcano?

Kilauea is regarded as the most active volcano at the present time as it has erupted more lava than any other volcano currently erupting. Stromboli has been continually (most days) erupting for at least the last 2000 years and Etna the last 3500 years.Stromboli eruption
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Which are the largest and tallest volcanoes?

Mauna Loa in Hawaii and Ojos del Salado. 10 highest volcanoes in the world Highest volcanoes on each continent

What was the largest volcanic eruption?

Tambora and Toba have produced the largest eruptions known.
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Which types of eruption produce lava and which pyroclastic flows?

Rivers of lava are usually basalt lava and are effusive eruptions, such as in Hawaii. Pyroclastic flows are typically found at Stratovolcanoes and are often accompanied by explosive ash clouds, such as Mt St Helens or Vesuvius.
Pyroclastic flows on Merapi
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What is Plate Tectonics?

Plate Tectonics is the driving force behind volcanoes. The earths crust is split into large slabs of rock called plates. Where the plates meet Volcanoes and Earthquakes occur.
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Plate Tectonics Subduction Zone

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