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Hawaiian Volcanic Eruptions 

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Hawaain lava flow USGS

Hawaiian volcanic eruptions are characterised by long flowing rivers of basaltic lava which gradully build up into vast shield volcanoes. Erupted at 1000 C or more basaltic lava is very fluid.Lava fountains, fissure eruptions and lava flows are the main characteristics. eruptions are effussive rather than explosive and are generally much much safer.

Basalt can form two distinctive lava flows one called "pahoehoe" in Hawaiian or rope like and "aa aa" which popular myth says is the sound you make if you walk on it bare foot-its very sharp.

Pahoehoe lavais very fluid and flows like custard or treacle, it can form channels which then roof over to form lava tubes. Aa aa is a slower moving flow with a steep front and is blocky and jagged.