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This online volcano guide was born from a love of volcanoes. I aimed to create a website where anyone could find out about volcanoes . Written in a friendly style and with help on visiting some of the more popular volcanoes in the worlds holiday destination s. We hope you will keep coming back .

If you have a comment,question or suggestion please contact me at contactus@explorevolcanoes.com

We have aimed to reference photos and graphics if you find something we have missed let us know and we will either remove or update.

We owe an enornmous debt to the amazing institutions of the USGS,Smithsonian,NPS,CVO and the generous communities of wiki. The way in which such fantastic information is available to all is admirable.

We have a worldwide audience from the USA to Australia.

We are not connected to explorevolcanoesnow who set up after us and are on facebook as explorevolcanoes, make sure you get us and dont forget to "like" us.

A final note , be careful on volcanoes they deserve respect and due care . They are an immensely powerful force of nature and should be handled with care. If in doubt don't risk it, follow saftey guidelines and stay safe. Make sure you get home to show your pictures off! We cannot be held responsible for any mishaps or injuries whilst you are on a volcano, your safety is your responsibility..

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