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escape from Mt Etna eruption 2000Trek up a volcano on your holiday or vacation. Hike to the summit of Etna Sicily,view lava flowing into the sea in Hawaii or take a flight over Hawaiis lava flows,gasp at the volcanic fireworks of Stromboli,be awe struck in Costa Rica at Arenal.

Mount St Helens is Awesome and Mt Rainier beautifully dangerous.Take a flight or boat to White Island in New Zealand,See the volcano where Icelands ash cloud erupted from. Take some volcanic therapy and relax in a hot spring.

Life is too short not to visit a volcano.

Check out our volcano visitor hot tips and real diary accounts of trips to volcanoes in Italy,USA(inc Hawaii) and Iceland. The Etna trip was literally a blast!

Travel Stories

  • Mt Etna 2000 account of an escape from an eruption

  • Stromboli : Nightime ascent of this volcanic island

  • Vulcano: Sleeping giant or party popper?

  • Iceland : Land of ice,fire long place names and raw fish

    Escape from Mt Etna 2000/ Paul Gunning
  • Mt. St. Helens . Its just Enormous and Awesome.

  • Mt Rainier. Trip to Paradise with bears

  • Hawaii: Kilauea ,Pu oo oo and lava in the sea

  • Hawaii: Haleakala Largest Volcanic crater in the world- very red,very dusty ,very high up!
  • Before you go check put how to be safe here with Volcano Travel Advice