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Tectonic map of North America GNU WikiThe volcanoes of North America can be found in The Cascades, The Aleutian Islands and Hawaii. Famous eruptions such as those of Mt St Helens and Hawaii are known world wide for their dramatic eruptions.

West of the Rockies the volcanic activity is due to the westward movement of the Pacific plate meeting the eastward movement of the Pacific Plate. At present a subduction zone where the Juan da Fuca plate is being subducted beneath the North American plate is producing the volcanics of The Cascades including the infamous Mt.St.Helens. The Yellowstone Caldera is a product of a Hot Spot underneath the continental crust and is potentially one of the worlds most dangerous volcanoes.

Hawaii is the jewel in the crown of the worlds volcanoes. The result of a Hot Spot or mantle plume beneath the Pacific plate which punches a hole through the crust and erupts out lava from the earths interior. Kilauea on Big Island has put on a continuous show of lava flows for decades and it is still going pouring lava into the sea. Lava flowing into the sea on Big Island Hawaii LKP

Mt.Rainier: Cascade volcano Washinton State USGS