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Rotorua:Taupo Volcanic Zone 

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Rotorua New Zealnd lies withi n the Taupo volcanic zoneThe volcanic area of the Rotorua (two lakes) Volcanic Caldera in New Zealand lies within the Taupo volcanic zone and is famous for its geothermal activity.Rotorura city is known as sulphur city and Roto vegas. The lake is famous for its enormous and plentiful trout. The famous pink and white terraces were destroyed in te 1886 eruption of nearby Tarawera.There is no shortage of places to stay or things to do in this volcanic tourist hotspot.

Controllable Webcam of Te Puia Geothermal area

The Geology Bit

Taupo Volcanic ZoneThe Rotorura Caldera lies within the Taupo Volcanic Zone TVZ. The TVZ is the current area of volcanic activity in New Zealand and has formed due to extension in the crust allowing the upwelling of magma from the mantle. Rotorura is a Rhyolitic caldera volcano with no cone. The Lake fills an enormous volcanic crater called a caldera which formed after an enormous eruption 240,000 years ago.

The magma chamber below the current Lake Rotorura collapsed and the caldera was formed. The eruption ejected enormous quantities of pumice and ash over North Island called The Mamaku Ignimbrite covering 4000 km2 of North Island. The near circular depression left behind, called a caldera,contains Lake Rotorua and is about 22km across but the water is only around 10m deep. The water is high in sulphur and has a greenish/yellow tinge.

Volcanoworld: Rotorura www.teara.govt.nz:Geological Background of New Zealand

What to see and How to see it?

There are 17 lakes within the area including Lake Tarawera near the volcano Mt.Tarawera. Te Whakarewarewa / Te Puia Whaka for short or "Te Whakarewarewatanga o te Ope Taua a Wahiao" if you fancy the full name is Rotoruras largest geothermal area.Pohutu is the largest Geyser and erupts around 10-20 times a day up to about 20-30m high. The area also includes the Te Puia Maori cultural centre where you can experience maori tradiional music and craft carvings. Te Puia can be found on the Hemo road in Rotorua


Polynesian Spa:The original thermal spa set up in the 1886 has a number of warm pools of varying temperatures.
Waikite Valley Thermal Pools: Open Air natural Pools
Kerosene Creek:Natural Thermal pools and they are free

Walks and Trails

Eastern Okataina Walkway: From Lake Okataina to Lake Tarawera on a 20km round trip will take you all day. Rotorua offers more than just geysers and pools and can provide you with a multitude of active adventure activities such as bungy jumping,canoeing,horseriding,jet boating, jetskiing,rafting,skydiving and the bizarre sport of Zorbing. Bounding down a hillside whilst encased in a see through ball! These links will guide you to the multitude of activities on offer.

www.tourism.net.nz: Activities
www.Rotoruranz.com: One stop shop for attractions,activities and accomodation

Other Attractions

www.Waimangu.com: Waimangu volcanic valley: formed during the 1886 eruption of Tarawera.

www.geyserland.co.nz : Large geothermal area between Taupo and Rotorura

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