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Iceland Land of Ice and Fire

 Landmannalaugar and cotton grass LKP

Iceland is the land of ice and fire because of its active volcanoes and glaciers.Iceland sits astride the Mid Atlantic ridge , a chain of mostly underwater volcanoes which erupt new ocean floor, Iceland rises above the waves due to a mantle hot spot. Iceland is important, without Iceland The Uk would still be attached to the USA!

The Icelandic language produces some amazing words and there are some very long signposts! The roads go on and on with no turns because there is nowhere to turn to. But this is what I loved about the place. Many views had absolutley no evidence of people just natural landscapes, it really is beautiful. The people are stunning and friendly what a great place.

Fartifoss columnar basalt waterfall

I saw way too much to include here but I would say highlights for me were the Basar area, Skaftafells,Eldgja fire gorge - really awesome . Landmannalaugar- those colours and a thermal bath in the river , Hekla, Geysir and Strokkur,Gullfoss- bigwatefall,Thingvellir where the Plates pull apart and the brilliantly named Fartifoss.You can't miss the columnar basalt its everywhere. Not so keen on the rotten shark or the raw fish buffet I had in Reykjavik.

Reykjavik is really great ; people live on the main shopping street in small houses, the cathedral is made of concrete,you can go for a drink on a patrol boat from the cod wars and they party all night. It is really expensive though but the capital is the only place to spend your money I did n't really need money elsewhere.